COVID-19 Update 5/15/2020

May 15, 2020

Updated: 5/16/2020
I am glad to announce we will be having live masses again in a slightly different format beginning the weekend of May 16 - 17th at our regular times.

Changes has been mandated to protect everyone and they are listed below:

1)      All individuals must wear a mask to enter the church – no exceptions, 
2)      Children do not have to wear mask; this is up to their parents.

3)      If you have been ill in the previous two weeks, please stay home

4)      Everyone must practice safe distancing – keeping a 6-foot distance
5)      Families may sit together and do not have to a 6-foot space separation

6)      You may only sit in designated pews marked 

7)      Once you are seated in your pew you must keep your mask on at all times
8)      There will be no hymnals in the pews
9)      Holy Water fonts will remain empty
10)   No wine will be distributed 

11)   When you come to communion you must wear your mask (instructions will be given at mass)
12)   Please follow the tape on the floor, for direction to receive communion (instructions will be given at mass)
13)   Communion will be distributed only to the hand (instructions will be given at mass)
14)   You will be given instructions on how to procession out / no stopping to talk inside of the church

I know many these regulations may feel a bit intrusive, but these are the mandates that were issued from the Bishops office in order to abide by CDC, State and Local government guidelines, and be respectful for everyone’s health. 

Remember – if you do not have a face mask you will not be allowed to enter the church – so please obtain some type of face cover.

We must concentrate on the Blessing of celebrating the Eucharist again rather than the restrictions and allow this trial to make us stronger in our faith and become more appreciative of all our gifts.

I look forward to being reunited with all of you at our coming Masses.

Stay Safe and keep smiling.


 Dcn Tyrone