Marriage is a sacred and holy covenant; a Sacrament of the Church. The couple is expected to take seriously the preparation that leads up to the wedding day. At least one person in the couple must be a practicing Catholic to be married in a Catholic Church.  

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph requires a nine-month preparation period, and the parish office must be notified at that time. P

The steps for Marriage Preparation are

  1. Contact the parish office to set up a meeting with the pastor.

  2. Complete your premarital inventory which will be discussion with your priest, deacon or lead couple.

  3. Attend one of the following options:

  4. Schedule a meeting with the parish Director of Music, who will be able to assist you with the selection and preparation of music and help find musicians and a cantor if you need help.

  5. Schedule a meeting with priest or deacon to prepare the liturgy for your wedding.

  6. For Catholics, make a good confession prior to your "I do".

For more information, please visit the diocesan webpage for Engaged Couples here.